Yes we can!

With our fleet of bicycles, we offer an all-inclusive rental package that provides a map, chain lock, lights, repair kit and even the onboard display without additional costs. Our technicians will be able to advise you on choosing the bike that best suits your needs. So, if you want to conquer the hills near Lake Garda with your e-bike or enjoy a pleasant ride on a city-bike through the center of Sirmione, you can find everything here!


Rent and Go!

Only short on time? No problem. Take a short bike ride for an hour or two. Do you have all the time in the world? Rent for one or more days and explore Sirmione and its neighboring territories at your leisure.


Also rent the boat and save

Do you want to do something else besides cycling around Sirmione? How about renting a boat and touring Lake Garda? Save by booking your boat on!

Bring friends,
get to know new ones.

Take a bike tour with a group of friends. We offer customized and in-depth bike tours ranging from the hills and countryside outside Sirmione to the center of Sirmione, discovering the most beautiful places in this area.

We are here to help you

We are open all year round, so you can rent your bikes or return them at the time that is most convenient for you. We can also deliver your bicycles to many of the main hotels in the surrounding area or you can park with us at the Sirmione 2 port car park for a small additional cost.